On September 7, 2015 in the House of Europe at 124 Georgi Rakovski Str. opened the exhibition "Paintings of Ivan Yahnadzhiev" with the special participation of the pop performer HristoPaskalev - Pascal. Organizers were the association for cultural products and international exchanges "Spectrum 21" and the Information Bureau of the European Parliament in Bulgaria.

On September 4th, in the lyceum of "Forward - 1903" in the city of Pavel Banya, took place an exciting celebration of the 80th anniversary of Mrs. YordankaTropolova– a well-known sociologist, journalist and public figure. There she received the highest distinction of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists - "Golden Pen".

From 7 – 14 July at the "Sredets" Gallery of the Ministry of Culture the exhibition "Architecture of Armenia" was presented. Due to the invitation of the Union of Bulgarian journaliststhefamous all over the world Armenian photographerZaven Sargsyan presented his photos.

The women from chiprovtzi /chiprovchanki/  - living human treasures of Bulgaria

For centuries the women from the small town of Chiprovtzi, located at the foot of the western Balkan Mountains, are renowned as skillful carpet weavers. Their works astonish the world with their beauty, spirit and philosophy. In their unique ornaments, shapes and compositions the Chiprovchanki weave much good taste and imagination.

The most precious and beautiful roses in the world are grown in our country, in the Rose Valley.There, in late May and early June, rose harvest takes place. It starts early in the morning before the dew falls.

This is the name of the just published book of Acad. Damyan Damyanov which was presented on April 16 in the Great Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Academicians, professors, rectors, luminaries in Bulgarian medicine, scientists, public figures, intellectuals, politicians, MPs, journalists ...