("stopan" in Eng. – owner, guardian, "sto" in Eng. – a hundred)

The Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv reached 100 years. On this occasion on 20th April the exhibition "THE MUSEUM.

Over the beautiful Bulgarian holiday of Lazarovden, on the 8th of April, the Zoological Garden of Sofia organized a festive concert dedicated to the adopters of animals and to the donors.

On the 7th of April, with the premiere of "The Happy One" by Rusi Bozhanov, the Satirical Theater "Aleko Konstantinov" celebrated its 60th birthday.

It was held from the 12th to the 29th of January in the emblematic spaces for the cultural life of our city –the House of Cinema, the Euro Cinema, the Cultural Center G8, the Czech Centre and the Goethe Institute.

This year the halls of Inter Expo Center in Sofia opened for the noble initiative, which took place on the 4th of December for the 22nd time.

On 30 November at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences there was an academic lecture of Assoc. Prof. Kiril Kartalov. Its topic "Transformations of the Politics: from the Twentieth Century to the Global Era" attracted great interest among academics and students, and filled the Great Hall of BAS.