An elegant atelier for an elegant exposition. Initiated by the Texfilart Association, the project Art Around the World is dedicated to the work of Marussia Kalimerova - an artist of international fame and of Bulgarian origin, mainly known by the name Marie Draganov.

The exhibition "A Concert in White and Black", in memory of Marussia Kalimerova, who passed away in November 2017, was held with large success among the art enthusiasts from 18th to 20th January 2019 in the atelier of Emisfero Arte Studio of Roberta Petrangeli, at 32 Stelletta Street, Rome.

Twenty-three works of art made of paper, amongst the lesser-known creations of Marussia, and an installation constructed from textile and paper, were publicly presented for the first time ever, turning the focus of attention to the artist as a part of the international elite of fiber art around the world.

What matters most is the craftsmanship with the material, a result of endless searches by the author until her last breath. That is, undoubtedly, evidence of profound love, passion, sensibility and imagination. The paper used is of the highest quality: Fedrigoni, Fabriano, some types of Chinese or Japanese rice paper, largely used in calligraphy and artistic techniques in the Far West.

Two masterpieces inspired by Japanese art are presented in the exposition. Among the works, inspired by famous people, two in particular stand out- one dedicated to the Father of Italian Literature - Dante Alighieri, and a piece in honor of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Moreover, there are a few works from the cycle "Ponti de lla memoria" ("Bridges of Memory") – a theme, meaningful to the artist. The works represent her research in textile art in her mature years.

Encouraged by Prof. Bruno Mantura - an ex-Deputy Director of the National Gallery For Contemporary Art in Rome, according to whom the textile artist is capable of weaving using any material, Marussia started applying the principles of weaving art on paper back in 2009. With immense dexterity of her hands, she developed her own convoluted technique. That contributed to the progress of the worldwide contemporary art in achieving three-dimensional shapes. "Many have tried to imitate her - unsuccessfully, because they lack those skills, combined with sensitivity and imagination, which are typical of Marussia. She created beauty and uniqueness, appreciated by viewers and art-critics", says her sister Tania, a curator of the exhibition.

Marussia Kalimerova graduated from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Sofia. She is an honorable member of numerous associations for arts and international foundations: Union of Bulgarian Artists; Autumn Salon in Paris; Italian Centre for the Textile Materials History Studies; Arelis- Association for Creation and Diffusion of Textile Art in Paris; An Album of Italian Painters and Sculptors; Women In Textile Art, Miami (USA) and Madrid (Spain). Marussia was awarded with the title of Academician Correspondent of the Pope’s Academy "Tiberina", a member of the Artists’ Fund, a director and consultant of the International Association Texfilart.

Her works are property of national galleries, ministries, banks, private and public collections all the world over: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Germany, Japan, Italy, England, Kuwait, Spain, Hungary, the USA.

Prior to 2009, the artist moved permanently to her favorite city - Rome, where she managed to utilize her creativity in collective and private exhibitions. She also took part in important events held in the most prestigious of places in the capital of Italy such as: Complesso Monumentale di San Michele a Ripa (MiBAC), Palazzo Venezia, PalazzoValentini, Palazzo Maffei - Marescotti, Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo, Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Basilica di San Clemente, Biblioteca della Crociera e Biblioteca Casanatense (MiBAC) , outside of  Rome - in Scuderie Aldobrandini (MuseoTuscolano) di Frascati, Museo Archeologico di Anzio, Castello 500° of Aquila, Castello di Santa Severa, Museo dell’arte tessile di Chieri (TO).

Marussia has been awarded with numerous Italian and international prizes, including: Silver Medal of the Province of Rome, Award 130 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Bulgaria and Italy. She has worked for influential American textile houses, designing CD packaging, film and stage décor.

Apart from Prof. Bruno Mantura, cited above, a number of famous art-critics have also written about Marussia and her artistic progress. Amongst them are well-known names such as: Prof. Claudio Strinati (ex-Director of the Roman Museum and PalazzoVenezia), Prof. Antonio Paolucci (ex-Director of the Vatican Museum), Prof. Doc. Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele (honorable president of the "TerzoPilastro International" foundation. 

Despite her serious illness, at the end of her life, the artist mustered her powers, dedicating herself to didactics. The initiators of the exhibition have the intention of turning it into the first of many similar ones, intended to familiarize us with the personality, incredible talent and works of Marussia Kalimerova - an artist who will always be an example with her full dedication to art and never-ending search of new ideas, techniques and shapes.

"Diplomatic Spectrum" expresses their wholehearted gratitude to Mrs. Anna Amendolagine – ex-Director of the Italian Institute in Sofia, for the wonderful article on the Concerto in bianco e nero exhibition, held in Rome, in memory of the great Bulgarian artist Marussia Kalimerova, by her sister Tania Kalimerova - President of the Texfilart Association. We also thank Aneta Rinaldi, for the translation from Italian, and the photographer Sandro Lucentini, for the pictures provided. We share the same gratitude as the Texfileart Association to Roberta Petrangeli for providing the Emisfero Arte Studio for the exhibition

Above: The artist herself, Marussia Kalimerova


1. Dante, on paper, 50x35cm

2. Cyril and Methodius, on paper, 50x70cm, 2010

3. A piece from the cycle "Bridges of Memory", mixed technique, 70x50cm, 2013

4. A piece from the cycle "Bridges of Memory", mixed technique, 55x71cm, 2009

5. Geometric Shapes in White, Grey and Black, 70x30cm, 2015

6. Untitled, 38x38cm, 2017

7. Time, Space and Light, 38x38cm, 2017

8. A moment from the opening of the exhibition, January 18th, 2019