On February 1, in the city of Spa, Belgium, was opened an exhibition of two talented Bulgarian artists - Viara Pancheva and Sonia Ruskov.

The event in the Azur gallery was hugely successful, in the presence of the authors. Their works can be seen in the city of mineral springs, which gave the world the word for balneotherapy -  spa, until March 10.

Both artists have graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia. Both live and work abroad - Viara Pancheva in Paris, France and Sonia Ruskov in Krefeld, Germany. Both present collages in the exhibition. Different however are the sense of colour and sensitivity invested.

About Viara Pancheva

Her works are deeply personal and filled with fairy-tale characters. Freed from the austere academic drawing, she reaches emotional and instinctive expression, inspired by the Naïve art movement. Her preferred material for painting is paper, which provides endless possibilities for expression. However, textile is interlaced in her sculptures. Not accidentally. She has specialized in Textile with Prof. Marin Varbanov as her teacher. Starting from the traditional methods of weaving, Viara Pancheva has her own, new and unique approach to the materials.

More about the artist HERE.


About Sonia Ruskov

The artist has specialized in Restoration. Her works impress with their warm colour palette, reminding of the Bulgarian valleys and mountains. Filled with sensuality and tenderness, the pieces of Sonia Ruskov take us to a magical world full of positive energy. For the exhibition in the Azur gallery, she has picked collages, as well as works with different painting techniques.

Pictures: private archive of Viara Pancheva

First row - works by Viara Pancheva

Second row - works by Sonia Ruskov