Established in 1999, the company is among the leaders in the Bulgarian confectionery market. It has 13 patisseries in the country offering top quality products: cakes and pastries, macaroons, chocolates and chocolate figures, sweet and salty cookies, pies...

Its experts share: "Every day with lots of love and attention, in the cosy atmosphere of our professional workshops, we create special and delicious sweet temptations, fine chocolates with a fine taste, using unique hand technology without any preservatives. In order to achieve their extremely delicate taste, we use only the finest Belgian chocolates - Callebaut, Bourbon vanilla, carefully selected fresh nuts, fresh fruit creams and original alcohols.

With a true collector’s passion, we gather only the finest French, Russian, German, Czech and Italian recipes, which, combined with our skills, give you the opportunity to taste pastry masterpieces and experience a real sweet adventure".

The undisputed favorite of the "100 Grama Sladki" is the macaroon that the confectioners have mastered in the Lenotre school. They, as well as the rest of their products, are real works of art, perfect for corporate gifts for business partners, clients, colleagues or friends.

With the catering that "100 Grama Sladki" offers you can organize celebrations, provoke emotions and create unforgettable moments for your special guests. Just call: 0886 69 97 67.

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