Christmas is the brightest and most beloved holiday for all - young and old. Families are gathered together around the table,

candles are lit, our souls rejoice and we happily decorate the Christmas tree, unpack the presents and enjoy the Christmas mood.

The works of the artists from Adero Trade have been part of this holiday for more than five years. Their unique beeswax candles, created with so much love, create a warm and joyful mood for us. Their painted glass decorations for the Christmas tree, the Christmas wreaths, the pendants made of natural materials and the "Survachka" cornel sticks will be once again part of our family traditions for this year.

Visit the Deni Gallery! There you will also find: oil paintings, small bronze sculptures, handmade ceramics, painted icons and many, many other gifts!

Deni Gallery Sofia is located in the heart of Sofia, at 24 Stefan Karadja Street (on the corner with Georgi S. Rakovski Street).

Phone: 0885 11 93 11