Nearly 60 wineries and food producers are taking part in the 13th edition of the Young Wine Parade, which opened on November 26th in the Old Town.

For three days over 250 young wines from the 2021 harvest will be presented at the Parade.

At its opening, the chairman of the Tourism Council - Eng. Lyubozar Fratev, who is the initiator and organizer of the forum, said: "We started the festival 13 years ago as an alternative to the French Beaujolais, because we have something to boast about, we have very good young wines. We created it in a period of crisis - 2008/2009. For us it is a challenge, and our idea was to develop tourism and turn our favorite city into an attractive tourist destination, which is not affected by climatic conditions, because Plovdiv has huge potential and cultural and historical heritage. It is also the center of an area where the best wine in the country is made.

"For the 13th consecutive year, the Young Wine Parade attracts people from all over the country to visit Plovdiv and the Old Town. The Municipality of Plovdiv is happy to continue supporting the event and will certainly do so in the future" those were the words by the mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov.

"Plovdiv is a region known for viticulture and winemaking, as well as for very good projects for wine tourism. The truth is here, in the glasses of happy people. I wish you an even better year, enjoy your work and the health of your family", said the Minister of Tourism Stella Baltova at the opening. She opened the first barrel of young wine and raised a toast together with the mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov, the regional governor Angel Stoev, the chairman of the Municipal Council Alexander Darzhikov, the rector of the University of Food Technology Prof. Plamen Mollov and Eng. Lyubozar Fratev. The official guests toured the 16 locations around the Old Town and greeted the participants in the Gorge.

The young wine parade is organized by the Tourism Council with the assistance of the Municipality of Plovdiv and the University of Food Technology, in partnership with the Agricultural University and the Medical University, as well as with business and non-governmental organizations in the field of tourism and culture. This year the forum is under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism. The festival is funded by the Annual Program for Tourism Development of the Municipality of Plovdiv for 2021. The event takes place in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures imposed by the Ministry of Health.

Photo: Ekaterina Kyuchukova