On 30 May 2022 at 12:00 Bulgarian time, students from Bulgaria, Greece and Egypt presented the UNESCO sites in their regions in a zoom meeting.

The event was an exciting finale of the international inter-school project: "Tourist Itinerary" UNESCO Sites in My Region", based on the idea of the Public Mediator of Kazanlak Municipality - Mrs. Ginka Shchereva. Here's what she told "Diplomatic Spectrum" immediately after the online event: "The excitement of the upcoming presentation, introductions and technical support was palpable in all three teams. But everyone tried to present their country, their region, their site in the most dignified way with the idea of attracting the attention of future tourists."

In fact, the project was launched in December 2021, as the Public Mediator of Kazanlak Municipality attracted as partners the Vocational School of Light Industry and Tourism, Kazanlak, Bulgaria - pglpt.com, the largest vocational school in Greece, located in Kazanlak's twin Greek city of Veria - www.epalverias.gr and the Nile Egyptian Schools Branch in the twin city of Veria. Luxor, Egypt - nes.moe.gov.eg. The Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Bulgaria, the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Bulgaria, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Cairo, Egypt, the Municipality of Kazanlak - www.kazanlak.bg, the Municipality of Veria, Greece - www.veria.gr and the magazine "Diplomatic Spectrum" - www.diplomaticspectrum.com, supported in the realization of the idea.

At the start of the video event, the students from the three countries were greeted by Ms. Sirmula Dzima, Deputy Mayor for Education and Gender Equality of the Municipality of Veria, Greece, Mr. Abdel Rahman, Director of the Nile Egyptian Schools - Luxor Branch, and Ms Ginka Shchereva. The event was followed online by dozens of viewers, among whom were: Mrs. Ivanka Ivanova, Secretary of Kazanlak Municipality, Dr. Heba Alhalwany, Director General of Nile Egypt International Schools and Dr. Amany Asfar, Executive Director of Administration in Egypt.

The student teams from the three countries then presented their video presentations, prepared during the project. The themes were: My school's business card, My city's business card, My region's UNESCO site's business card, A tourist itinerary including the UNESCO site.

The main highlights of each team's presentation of the UNESCO sites were: geographic, historical and archaeological data; Architecture and Construction; Religious rituals and rites; Cultural identity and messages.

The exciting event has come to an end, but we are sure that there will be many more events like this, because everyone involved was left with satisfaction from the work done, joy from new friendships and enthusiasm to continue promoting the rich cultural heritage of the countries.

The photos are provided by the participants.