August brought a lot of joy to Gabriela Karchina, a permanent makeup expert living and working in Sofia.

She took two awards at the international online tournament in Manama, Bahrain - first place in the Smokey Eyeliner category and second place in the Magic Shading Brows category. The results of the contest came out on August 4. In addition to the individual awards, Gabriela also won first place with her team - Empire by Emsi Vatui.

In her professional career as a make-up artist this year, the young Bulgarian has had other high achievements, too. On June 23, at the online championship Pasian Flamenca, Spain, she took a cup - second place, and first team place - The best team, with Empire by Emsi Vatui, with team leader Stefka Lalova. Shortly before that - from June 2 to 4, at the World Championship of Permanent Make-up in Belgrade, she also performed brilliantly.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows "powder effect" and permanent makeup are the main directions in which Gabriela Karchina works, develops her skills and reaps world fame. “However, my passion turned out to be permanent makeup. I work this with all my heart!” she admits. And she adds: "Currently I am a part of the team at Cveti's Secret Beauty Salon Sofia, where one of the most requested procedures is eyebrow micropigmentation and eyeliner, too. I have clients from a wide age range, including men."

The professionalism of Gabriela Karchina is already known outside the borders of our country. Periodically, she goes to her clients in London for a week or two. In fact, her performances abroad will increase from now on. Although even now she has a lot to brag about - among her clients are world-famous personalities: "I had the honor of meeting for an engagement with the Swedish singer Loreen. I have done makeup for world-class stars such as: Precious Wilson, Sandra Ann Lauer, Sheila Bonnick, the Bonnie M group and many others. And among the native stars, my brushes have touched Alexandra Zhekova, Latinka Petrova, Alicia, Yulia Yurevich, Rosi Chernogorova, as well as athletes, famous models and others. I have participated with make-up in advertisements and photo shoots. My debut was at a revue organized by Esile Duran, who was extremely pleased with my work. While learning new tricks and techniques, I was also invited to make up the cast of the film "The Picasso Affair", where I had the pleasure of working with Raina Karayaneva, Dilyana Popova, Zheni Kalkandzhieva, Tita and other famous Bulgarian actors," says Gabriela.

Her professional success and self-confidence are backed up with many more reasons and examples. For any woman with high criteria and requirements who cares about her appearance, it would be a pleasure and an honor to trust a virtuoso in the profession like Gabriela. And for a special make-up on a special occasion, you can look for her at Cveti's Secret Beauty Salon Sofia /"Lozenets" Nerazdelni Str.3/

We wish her much success!

Photos: personal archive of Gabriela Karchina