On 06/11/2015 at a special ceremony in Studio 5 of the National Palace of Culture were given the annual awards of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists for the 2014/2015 year.

Diplomatic spectrum was among the winners of the prestigios award in the category Journalistic online magazine. The plaquette was handed by Mrs. Snezhana Todorova to the chief editor of the magazine - Mrs. Ekaterina Pavlova.

The event was led by the actress Elen Koleva and the journalist Ivaylo Dimanov. High honors were awarded by the president of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists - Mrs. Snezhana Todorova. The special award and the highest honor of the union, the statue "Joseph Herbst" was awarded to the 90-year-old film director Milen Getov for his overall contribution to Bulgarian journalism. With the honorary badge "Golden Pen" were awarded journalists, filmmakers and editors, including names like Toma Tomov, Daniela Kaneva, Vera Naydenova, Kalin Donkov and others. In several categories for achievements and contributions to journalism were given plaquettes of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

Photos: Bulphoto Agency, Mary Kanalyan