On the 1st of November, at the Union of Architects in Bulgaria in Sofia, the exhibition of Julia Krasovska "A Walk in the Past" was opened.

On the 4 October at the National Gallery The Palace in Sofia the second edition of the International Biennial of Glass was opened.

It was exhibited at the Rowing Base (Regatta Venue) in the city on September 3, 2019. The author of the project is the Plovdiv - based artist Nikola Kostadinov,

Enyovden bears elements of a well-established ancient cult towards the sun. Early in the morning young and old go to the high meadows around the village and await the sunrise. They believe that the first rays of the sun will gift them with a life-giving force.

On May 24 - The Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavonic Alphabet, an exhibition was opened at the National Gallery/The Palace,

Official holiday and one of the most favourite days to all Bulgarians.