With this colourful spring holiday the Bulgarians celebrate the rebirth of nature. Early in the morning the girls and women go to church and bring from there consecrated willow-tree twigs.

From April 13 to June 13, 2021 a magnificent exhibition named Between Two Eras, by Andrey Daniel can be seen in the in the Sofia City Art Gallery.

On this day is the first ceremonial trimming of the vines, rituals for fertility are performed. Before sunrise every housewife boils a hen, prepares ritual “Trifonovski” bread and other dishes.

It is 130 years since the birth of Nikola Tanev—both literally and figuratively one of the most colourful of Bulgarian artists.

Christo Javacheff-Christo (1935 - 2020)

Enyovden (June 24) bears elements of a well-established ancient cult towards the sun. Early in the morning young and old go to the high meadows around the village and await the sunrise. They believe that the first rays of the sun will gift them with a life-giving force.