Official holiday and one of the most favourite days to all Bulgarians. The people honour the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, the creators of the Bulgarian and Slavonic alphabet, while the church holds a thanksgiving service.

Official holiday. On the day of the resurrection all Christians open their hearts to one-another with the hope for being happy and blessed.

On the 30th of March, on the occasion of the World Day of Theater and the International Month of Francophony, an international exhibition of posters dedicated to Moliere and his work was opened at the Mission Gallery.

On the 5th of February in the literary club "Peroto" Valentina Dimitrova’s "The Philippines – 7 Lessons of the Heart" was officially presented.

On 26 January in Kvadrat 500 the National Gallery presented for the first time its entire collection of 26 works by artists from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia who, 110 years ago, participated in the Sofia Exhibition of the Lada Society of South Slavic Artists.

In the villages of the region of Pernik it is also called Surova. There, from time immemorial - on 13 and 14 January masquerade games are held to celebrate the New Year according to the old calendar.