Nawrez/Nevruz is a spring festival celebrated in the Balkans on the 21st or the 22nd of March at various ethnic and religious communities

Few days before Easter, the country’s grandmasters of embroidery surprised us once again with true colour pageant, created by skilful hands and their checkered marble hall

With this colourful spring holiday the Bulgarians celebrate the rebirth of nature. Early in the morning the girls and women go to church and bring from there consecrated willow-tree twigs.

This interesting exhibition in Sofia Art Gallery is about the place of the text in the Bulgarian art after 1856.

This exhibition, organized by the National Gallery and the Bulgarian Committee "Vasil Levski" presents the Apostle and his time through the eyes of Bulgarian artists.

On this day is the first ceremonial trimming of the vines, rituals for fertility are performed. Before sunrise every housewife boils a hen, prepares ritual “Trifonovski” bread and other dishes.