The first solo exhibition of the young and talented photographer Kiril Hristov was opened on the 1st of April at the "Contrast" gallery in Sofia. How it came to it and what its idea is, tells the author himself:

Four years ago I took a look at one picture and I was satisfied with the result. Then I shot it again and again, with different models. Then I decided to change the proportions and its rectangular shape with a square one. By comparing the photographs, I realized that, although seemingly the same, they were completely different and each of them was actually a new work. Analyzing this, I found symbolism in geometric shapes, the way they fit into each other and the differences in the details. The square symbolizes the biological framework set by nature - the female gender. The posture I have chosen, forming a triangle, symbolizes the framework in which society places the woman. Everything in this triangle shows that despite the conditional frameworks, each woman is unique in its forms, curves and radiance.

​​The curator of the exhibition - Dr. Alexander Nishkov also shared his idea of what has been done through the photographs, the triangle, the woman and the harmony in the work of Kiril Hristov:

We are facing a conceptual creative product - that of Kiril Hristov. A product that does not tell, does not show, but asks questions.

Sixteen girls in twenty triangles; esting girls, experiencing girls, happy girls, desperate girls...

This creative product astonishes with the simplicity of expression and the depth of the idea. And relying on the Dadaists' belief that art ends with the idea, and the rest is a craft, we can assume that we are witnessing the manifestation of an artist.

At first glance, the particular tranquility that these photos seem to bring directs our consciousness into different thinking directions. Each of us, looking at this project, will look for answers to the questions set by Cyril – enjoy the thinking!

For what is expecting him, we would only wish him - new, yet interesting conventions born out of creative ideas!

Photos: personal archive of Kiril Hristov