Enyovden (June 24) bears elements of a well-established ancient cult towards the sun. Early in the morning young and old go to the high meadows around the village and await the sunrise. They believe that the first rays of the sun will gift them with a life-giving force.

The sun on this day is thought to be particularly playful and beneficial. It bathes itself in wells, rivers and the sea before taking its way back to winter. Therefore, according to popular belief water in them at this time has healing powers. Early in the morning is the time for picking herbs – then their strength is greatest. Bunches of flowers are made and stuck on everybody’s lapel. With the herbs gathered on this day healers treat people throughout the year. Young maidens roll themselves in the fresh grass for health and in order to have healthy children. In some villages the interesting custom of Enyo’s Bride is performed. The girls make a doll and take it around the village, to the crossroads and fields, singing songs for health and prosperity. Then the custom of laduvane /divination/ follows. All maidens put a ring or a bunch of flowers in a copper vessel full of water. Taking out their rings or bunches of flowers they sing and predict what their future husbands will be.