It was exhibited at the Rowing Base (Regatta Venue) in the city on September 3, 2019. The author of the project is the Plovdiv - based artist Nikola Kostadinov,

who created the unique sculpture 7 years ago. It represents the unity of Plovdiv with the community of the peoples of Europe, with the succession of time and generations. It has a modern vision, built with innovative technologies and materials

The concept of the "Europe Vase" project is looking to the future and the idea is to break the existing spaces through a new vision that will turn them into attractive places for intercultural and international communication between nations, ethnicities and generations. A few years ago, the Plovdiv Municipality adopted and exposed in its administration office the original Europe Vase project, whose model was patented by Nikola Kostadinov in 2012. Later, the concept was expanded, receiving good acceptance and interest from the public.

"Ever since the creation of "Europe Vase", I wanted to have it displayed in a place that is accessible to Plovdiv residents and guests. I would like it to become a symbol of cultural unity between the generations, between the peoples, to be recognizable and to be included in the rich cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv", says Nikola Kostadinov.

The contemporary lighting installation is 220 cm high. "Europe Vase" itself is 97 cm high and 35 cm in diameter. The height of the pedestal is 100 cm and the width is 70 cm. Its dimensions are in accordance with the area and volume of the space where the modern sculpture is exhibited.

The material is provided by the event organizers.