In autumn the harvest is already gathered, winter supplies are provided and naturally the holidays of the Bulgarians become more frequent. In November they are a lot: Arhangelovden (Michaelmas), Holy Martyr Ekaterina, St. Kliment Ohridski, Andreevden (St. Andrew’s Day), Blessed Virgin day – the day of the orthodox Christian youth and family...

On many of them an offering is made. A feast is prepared. The ritual bread has an important place on the table. There is no significant holiday in Bulgaria without ritual bread being prepared by the Bulgarian woman. Ritual bread is made for birth, for wedding, for death. For the woman the bread is dedication, joy, pain, love… magic. On it she puts signs, symbols, ornaments, all bearing her hope for a healthy and blessed home. 

Among the products of the festive table are all that Bulgaria is world famous for: yogurt, white cheese, Shopska salad,  a variety of stews and dishes in earthenware pots,  sausages, Banski Starets, deer round. In addition to the excellent wines, on the table is offered rakia /Bulgarian brandy/. Each region zealously guards its traditions and offers wonderful culinary delights. But one thing is common. In Bulgaria there is no holiday without a meal and there is no meal without bread, salt and wine.  

Photo: Аssociation "Spectar 21 vek"