This is the name of the film, which had its premiere on the 5th of July at the Lumiere Lidl Cinema, at the National Palace of Culture. A numerous audience from the Bulgarian cultural elite attended it.

Right before the screening Mr. Roman Roth, head of the Consular Section at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia, spoke about the film and the meaning of the alphabet. Here's what he shared with the audience:

"Dear friends of art, culture, history and film, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to today's solemn evening. We meet for the premiere of the film dedicated to St. Methodius, directed by Nikolay Akimov and Silvia Avdala. Each country is proud of its history, and should not only  learn the lessons from it, but also the best in the broader sense of the word and to look for the things that connect us. The Thessalonian brothers Konstantin (later Cyril) and Methodius created a scripture - the Glagolitic - which makes it possible to translate the Bible and the liturgical texts into Slavic languages ​​so that Christianity and culture would become more understandable to our ancestors.

Cyril and St. Methodius are deservedly part of the most important cultural and spiritual heritage of our two countries, and of Europe as well. Bulgaria is a country where the holy brothers have a lasting place in history and in the consciousness of the society. The Slovak national and cultural identity is based on their message; the Slovak nation draws strength from it, especially in difficult times of history. The covenant of their spiritual heritage is even mentioned in the Preamble of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and is depicted in the state’s coat of arms in the form of a double cross on three hills. The importance of the two brothers gained new size after Pope John Paul II proclaimed them patrons of Europe.

The feast of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius is an official holiday in Slovakia and is celebrated on the 5th of July. This feast for us is a celebration. We honour St. Cyril and St. Methodius as Slavic apostles who stand in the cultural and religious origins of our nation. Their influence still feels today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to be able to take part in the premiere of the film that opens the door to the events that have become part of our history, but which are of particular importance to both our countries and to Europe as a whole."

"About St. Methodius, the Glagolitic, the Cyrillic and the Bulgarian Alphabet" is a production that sheds light on a different theory about the creation and validation of the Bulgarian alphabet. The film, a documentary drama as a genre according to the director Nikolay Akimov, has the influence of a feature. It chronicles moments from Methodius’ life through the eyes of the Bulgarian scholar architect Slavi Donchev - a famous researcher and promoter of the Old Bulgarian history and culture. We would like only to remind that he is the author of the report by which the Madara Rider is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Significant moments from Methodius’ life are presented as reconstructions of historical events of that time, based on original historical sources. They have been shot in the places where the Slavic enlightener and archbishop has passed through or lived in - Thessalonica, Constantinople, Nitra, Rome, Regensburg, Reichenau, Mikulčice.

The screenplay is by Nikolay Akimov and Ivo Ivanov. The role of Methodius is performed by Yavor Kirilov, but a whole group of famous in the Bulgarian culture names such as Kiril Ilievski, Hristo Paskalev - Pascal, Yacho Yachev, Vladimir Vladimirov, Yulian Malinov, Hristo Dokov, Anton Trendafilov and others can be seen in it.

In the picture above: Mr. Roman Roth, Head of the Consular Section at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia, spoke at the premiere of the film.

In the pictures below: Yavor Kirilov, Yacho Yachev, Nikolay Akimov, Vladimir Vladimirov and Hristo Paskalev - Pascal on the set; The cast on the stage before the premiere, the great Bulgarian writer Anton Donchev - a dramaturgic consultant of the film, at the cocktail after the screening in a conversation with Hristo Paskalev - Pascal.