A new artistic space was opened in Sofia - Gallery +359, in the emblematic Water Tower, in the Lozenets district. It happened on the 13th of September with the presentation of Borjana Ventzislavova's exhibition "We Are Part of a Collection".

The exposition, which is actually the Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art of the Embassy of Austria in Bulgaria, can be seen in the Water Tower until the 22nd of October.

Through the works, Borjana Ventzislava plunges us at the end of a political age, combined with lots of new wave, viewed through the prism of a teenage. The name of the exhibition - "We Are Part of a Collection", is a reference to the song "Part of a Collection" of the New Generation group. This is a metaphor that turns over the images, exchanging the places of the collector and the butterfly, putting them into a mirror world.

Vera Mlechevska, the curator of the exhibition, says: "In her solo exhibition “We Are Part of a Collection" Borjana Ventzislavova strikes a kind of balance. She lives and works in Austria and has numerous international performances but never loses her connection with the time and the place that have had a strong influence on her personality and her practice as an artist. Her installations, photographs, objects and projections that merge with the space of the Water Tower (in Lozenets), transfer us in the 90's. Borjana Ventzislavova's personal moments dissolve in the collective memories of generations; the alternating enthusiasm and impasse, wave music, privatization, winged phrases and scribbles, boots, the new shiny objects from "abroad". Images woven into the tissue of a long and shabby transition to the present, somewhere in the middle of the game."

During the exhibition "We Are Part of a Collection" a meeting was held with the author, who came especially from Vienna for a conversation with the audience in Sofia. And it was accompanied by the curator's walk by Vera Mlechevska. Then for the first time in the yard of the Water Tower, for the first time in 23 years, the musicians Emil Valev and Evgeni Genchev stood on one stage to revive the spirit of the cult group “Violet General”.

The exhibition "We Are Part of a Collection" was organised by the Art Foundation HOME, Embassy of the Republic of Austria in the Republic of Bulgaria and Gallery +359.