On 27th February at a ceremony held in the coat-of-arms hall at 2 Dondukov street, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev awarded H. E. Mr. Stefan Gorda,

Ambassador of Moldova to Bulgaria, the Madara Horseman order first degree. The event was attended by his wife - Mrs. Lydia Gorda, numerous ambassadors accredited to our country, representatives of the presidential institution.

"This highest state honor is a recognition of Ambassador Gorda’s consistent efforts put in developing and deepening the friendly relations between our two countries in the past four years," the President said at the ceremony.

He noted that within the diplomat’s mandate the political dialogue between Bulgaria and Moldova has continued to develop in all areas of mutual interest. "The friendly ties between the two countries are based not only on the strong cultural, spiritual, historical and religious ties, but also on the presence of a 60-thousand Bulgarian community in Moldova, which is an important part of the Moldovan society". 

The President voiced gratitude to Ambassador Gorda for the efforts put in solving the problems of the Bulgarian national minority in Moldova. "The Ambassador supported the initiatives for preserving the State University of Taraclia as a pillar of the Bulgarian national spirit in Moldova," Rumen Radev further said. The Head of State noted that in the past years the bilateral trade between Bulgaria and Moldova has also developed and our country is the top destination for Moldovan tourists. The successful cooperation between the two countries in the areas of education, science and culture also continued, Rumen Radev said and highlighted Stefan Gorda’s contribution to these positive trends.

The President also noted the fact that the Moldovan diplomat is among the founders of the Club of Ambassadors Speaking Bulgarian in our country.

In his speech, Ambassador Gorda emphasized that his motivation to speak the beautiful Bulgarian language is due to "his respect and love for the 1000-year-old Bulgarian history and civilization. During my mandate I managed to visit 22 of the 25 districts in Bulgaria, we drank clean mountain water, we fell in love with unforgettable places, we paid tribute to the feats accomplished at Shipka and Pleven, we visited places sacred for the Bulgarians – unique on the planet. However, what is most valuable is the true friendship that connects us with the wonderful people".

The diplomat voiced gratitude for the high state award as a recognition of the contribution of the whole embassy to the development of the friendly relations between the two peoples. "The Madara Horseman order is a symbol of the struggle of the Bulgarian people for freedom, independence and for ensuring a worthy place in the world, and the Moldovans together with representatives of other peoples heroically fought for Bulgaria’s liberty," Ambassador Gorda said and recalled the Bulgarian families that found their home in Bessarabia 200 years ago. He also recalled that the revolutionaries Hristo Botev and Vasil Levski found friends on Moldovan land.

Stefan Gorda thanked for Bulgaria’s support for Moldova’s European integration. "Our country needs the fraternal support of Europe and Bulgaria, and more particularly the Bulgarian ethnic minority, which comprises two percent of our population, needs this support," the Ambassador said. He noted Bulgaria’s support for the University of Taraclia, which is the only school of higher education abroad, and also for the scholarships for studying in Bulgaria, which our country grants to about 300 Moldovan students. 

Information: Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria