On November 23rd, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists held a historical-literary session in memory of Georgi Sheytanov /1896-1925/.

This is the second in a series of events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the death of the great Bulgarian publicist, organized by the National Initiative Committee "George Sheytanov", and chaired by prof. Ivan Dobchev. Members: the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, the Union of Bulgarian Writers and Pleiades of known Bulgarian intellectuals. At the heart of all this is his grandson – the lawyer Vladimir Sheytanov.

Undoubtedly, the personality and works of the famous journalist and anarchist awake interest today. His journalism awakes even more. The courage and boldness in it remind us of the actor Lyubomir Bachvarov who read two articles by the journalist. The statements that were made during the session, from people such as prof. Chavdar Dobrev, prof. Ivan Dobchev, Acad. Georgi Markov, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zdravka Konstantinova, Boyan Angelov, Nikolay Poppetrov etc., concerning different aspects of the „territory of spirituality” Georgi Sheytanov and his time, and related to our today awoke and heated debate.

The lawyer Vladimir Sheytanov presented the recent book "Where are you?" containing both wonderful essays and biography of the journalist and his newly found articles published in 1923 in the newspaper "Protest".

Those attending the session had the opportunity to support the idea of ​​naming a street in Sofia Georgi Sheytanov by signing on a letter from the Steering Committee to the Metropolitan Municipality containing this proposal.


Photo: Mary Kanalyan

Left to right: lawyer Vladimir Sheytanov, Ekaterina Pavlova /Ch. Editor of „Diplomatic spectrum”/, Georgi Konstantinov /anarchist/, prof. Chavdar Dobrev and Boyan Angelov, president of the Union of the Bulgarian Writers