On January 15th - 17th 2016 a seminar on Education and Empowerment was held in Sofia. It was part of the "Europe diaspora" project,

funded under the EU program "Europe for Citizens" 2014-2020. Its aim was to encourage the exchange, solidarity and the common advocacy in the context of growing tensions and reinforced prejudices. Organizers of the forum were: the Armenian General Benevolent Union “Parekordzagan”  Europe / AGBU Europe /, Phiren Amenca /a volunteer Roma organization / and the European Union of Jewish Students.
Issues related to the development, education and culture of the diasporas were discussed on the seminar. The representatives of the Armenian General Benevolent Union "AGBU" Sofia and Plovdiv actively participated in the discussions.
The applications of four YP-Plovdiv candidates were approved to participate in the Symposium. Verzhin Hugasyan, Oncho Cherchyan, Nashan Darkalestinyan and the Chairman of Young Professionals Plovdiv – Haik Garabedyan had the opportunity to present the Armenian diaspora in Bulgaria had the opportunity to present ideas on the development and needs of the Armenian community in Bulgaria, give suggestions for new cooperation initiatives. During the forum they had the chance to get acquainted in detail with the European network of diasporas.
During the seminar, the Director of the AGBU Europe - Nicholas Tavityan made some interesting proposals for cohesion and development of diasporas and was looking for ways to encourage the young for greater development.
The next symposium will be held in Brussels, Belgium in May 2016.


Photos: Hayk Garabedian