This years’ March - in our country and abroad, was dedicated to the Francophonie. It was commemorated by 84 states and governments, 274 million people who speak French on 5 continents, with over 600 events and activities!

The language of freedom, equality, and brotherhood again made us think about solidarity and commitment to cultural diversity, the lawfull country and the rule of law.

This year the Group of Francophone Ambassadors in Bulgaria, in partnership with the institutional representatives of the Francophonie - the International Organization of the Francophonie, represented by the Francophone regional center for Central and Eastern Europe (CREFECO), the University Agency of La Francophonie (AUF) and the Higher Francophone School of Administration and Management (ESFAM), and the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made a rich and meaningful program promoting the French language and culture and the values that they carry. March was filled with many things - Francophone films, karaoke, contests for Francophone dictation, concerts, celebrations and school performances.

Undoubtedly, the focus was on the 20th of March - the International Day of Francophonie, when an international conference on "Rule of Law, Rights and Human Security in an Age of Insecurity" was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the patronage of Ms. Iliana Yotova, Vice President of the Republic Bulgaria. On it the lecturers from five Francophone countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, France, Canada and Switzerland, made a fruitful exchange of ideas and practices on the topics: "The Rule of Law in the Era of Securitization" and "Rights and Human Security". The summary "Civil Mobilizations - Between Securitization and Rights" was made by Prof. Dr. Anna Krasteva from the New Bulgarian University.

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On it: The opening of the conference from left to right: H. E. Mr. Éric Lebédel, Ambassador of the French Republic and President of the Group of Francophone Ambassadors, Ms. Iliana Yotova, vice president of the Republic of Bulgaria, Prof. Dr. Anna Krasteva from the New Bulgarian University, Mr. Alexander Savov, Special Ambassador for the Francophonie, a national correspondent and Ms. Reni Yotova, representative of the International organization of the Francophonie and head of the Francophone regional center for Central and Eastern Europe in Sofia.