Cultural events

A real festival of the culture and the arts of Indonesia is going on in Sofia. Under the name "The Wonders of Indonesia 2017", it brings together for the first time fine art, sculptures, textiles, jewelery and artifacts from the world's largest archipelago into Sofia.

The National Day of the Republic of Korea – 3 October, is marked by numerous events aiming to popularize Korean traditions and culture and to bring closer Korean and Bulgarian people. This year makes no exception.

The embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia organized the second edition of the Slovak Film Week in Sofia - "SLOVAK FILM". It was held from the 25th of September to the 1st of October in parallel in two cinemas - G8 Cultural Center and Euro Cinema.

On the 28th of September in the House of Europe in Sofia, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Bulgaria, in partnership with the Bulgarian Cultural Foundation "199", organized a conference on the theme of "Museums of Azerbaijan".

On the 20th of September, the exhibition "Petrikivka Still Life Painting" was opened at the "Mission" Gallery of the State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Embassy of the Algerian Democratic and People's Republic of Bulgaria, the Association for Friendship between Bulgaria and Algeria and the Association of Algerians in Bulgaria organized a celebration of the Day of the Fighters for Independence and the Day of the Sumatran Congress.