The "Posters & Letters/Hangeul&Cyrillic" Exhibition, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sofia and the International Triennial of the Stage Poster,

includes posters inspired by the Korean alphabet Hangeul. Created in 1443, Hangeul is the foundation of modern Korean culture and education, an object of special attention and admiration, celebrated with an official holiday.

The Korean Brand Design Association uses Hangeul as a starting point to invite authors from the Republic of Korea and from around the world to create posters on the subject. The result is an extremely rich and diverse collection that explores the role of the written sign as a source of inspiration and artistic provocation, providing unlimited opportunities for contemporary visual reading. Among the exhibition are the three posters of the talented Bulgarian visual artist Ivan Kashlakov, recently awarded a number of awards for graphic design, including the "Assen Stareishinski" award for young Bulgarian poster artist, presented by the International Triennial of the Stage Poster.

Earlier this year, the International Triennial of the Stage Poster’s most successful project - the international poster campaign "The Letters of Bulgaria - Alphabet of Europe" was presented in Seoul with the help of the Bulgarian Embassy in the Republic of Korea and the Korea Foundation. What both collections, created independently of each other, have in common is that they emphasize the innumerable manifestations of writing as bridges beyond the control of time and space, connecting the knowledge and spiritual values ​​of humanity.

The power of the poster and the inspiring messages of the exhibitions in Sofia and Seoul appropriately mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Bulgaria.

The project was implemented with the support of the Sofia Municipality Culture Program.

Take a virtual tour of the "Posters&Letters/Hangеul&Cyrillic" exhibition at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea’s YouTube channel at: "Hangeul and Cyrillic" Online Gallery