That was the name of the literary evening organized by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sofia on February 1st, at the Central Sofia Synagogue.

Despite the bitter cold, the hall was filled with people who came to honor the event. Among them were senior representatives of the state administration, diplomats and students from schools in Sofia.

At the literary evening were presented texts and poems written by prisoners from the concentration camp Terezin. By creating these works the authors, among which are the names of Alice Herz-Sommer, Georg Kafka, Paul Aron Sandfort, Leo Strauss, Viktor Ullmann and Ilse Weber, could escape for a moment from the horror of prison. The literary evening was moderated by Gregory von Laetitia and Michael Lahr. The contribution of students from Sofia high schools, who committed to the Bulgarian translation of the poems should be noted.

The terrorist attacks of the recent months and the aggression in all dimensions demonstrate in a horrific way how hatred can blind people and what potential of violence can be unleashed by one destructive ideology, one that fails to respect human dignity. The works of the prisoners give us confidence today that despite everything the spiral of hatred, violence and destruction can be stopped.

Photo courtesy of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.