The embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia organized the second edition of the Slovak Film Week in Sofia - "SLOVAK FILM". It was held from the 25th of September to the 1st of October in parallel in two cinemas - G8 Cultural Center and Euro Cinema.

Seven films were featured in the festival. "From Slovakia with Love" became the official opening of the Week. The documentary RoadMovie, tells about Tom's travels through Slovakia, an Irish student, and Gabika, a young Slovakian actress and an avid athlete. Another documentary, "The Edge", about the musician Marek Brezovsky was personally presented by the director Patrik Lancharic to the audience in both cinemas. The four tapes track the short but extremely dynamic life of one of the most talented Slovak composers of the new era – Marek Brezovsky.

The Bulgarian audience also enjoyed five Slovakian feature films. The tragicomic "Stanko" (2015) tells the story of a man in financial difficulty, who has been given the last chance to take a girl from Slovakia to Italy. But the journey is unexpectedly complicated - by the girl, of course... The drama "The Garden" (1995) is about a dissatisfied lifetime teacher who runs out of town in his old grandfather's house. The large garden around it conquers him, and he gradually finds his place in life. "The Cleaner" (2015) is also a drama. Tomas works in a funeral office as a cleaner of the places where people or pets have died. He begins secretly to watch the lives of the relatives of the dead in their homes, and this strange hobby swallows him up... "Koza" (2015) is the nickname of a former Olympic boxing champion, Peter Baláž. He lives with his girlfriend Miša in the ghetto for the poor. She suddenly gets pregnant and decides to abort the baby. Koza decides to get on the ring again, win the money and change her decision. "The Teacher" (2016) is about the headmaster of a suburban primary school who meets with the parents of the children of one class. Together with them she strives to get rid of the teacher who threatens the families and keeps them under her control.