The Ambassador of the Algerian Democratic and People's Republic – H. E. Mrs. Latifa Benazza, met with the newly elected mayor of Plovdiv - Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov.

The meeting was held on the 22nd of November in the meeting hall of the Plovdiv Municipality.

The two discussed ways to strengthen the bilateral relations, including twinning Plovdiv with an Algerian city.

"The idea of twinning cities which are linked to Roman cultural and historical heritage is very good. Plovdiv is very rich in archeology, which we are proud of and we can definitely make partnership in this direction" said Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov in his welcome speech. According to H. E. Latifa Benazza a good future partnership is about to happen between Plovdiv and Algeria, and in the coming months, more will be done in this direction. She expressed interest in the International Folklore Festival in the city, saying she would pass on this information so that willing ensembles from Algeria could also join.

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