Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Bulgaria, on the occasion of the Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian alphabet, education, culture and of Slavonic literature

Dear Bulgarian friends,

I heartily congratulate you on the Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian alphabet, the education and culture and of the Slavic literature.

This holiday, dedicated to the great Christian educators and missionaries - the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, is one celebration of lasting significance and is celebrated in many Slavic countries, including Russia.

Precisely because of their ascetic work, the whole Slavic world received the most valuable gift - writing.

It has become the basis of the new culture, it has given our peoples a powerful impulse for further development, it has allowed the creation of uniqueness and a multifaceted world of Slavic culture and art.

The students of Cyril and Methodius and their followers - Clement and Naum Ohridski, Konstantin of Preslav, Joan Exarch, Chernorizets Hrabar continue the work of the holy brothers. The Preslav and Ohrid literary schools were one of the most important centers of literature not only of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, but also of the entire Slavic world.

Dear friends,

The role of Bulgaria in its formation and expansion of the Slavonic alphabet, language and culture is priceless and indisputable. The famous Russian scientist Dmitry Likhachev wrote: "Bulgaria has given to the Eastern Slavs, the upper layer of language, the "pole of spirituality", enriched our language immensely, gave it moral strength and the ability to elevate thought, concept and ideas. This is the language they trusted the most sublime thoughts, to which they prayed and to which solemn words were written. He has always been closed to the Russian people and has enriched them spiritually".

Both in Bulgaria and in Russia the heritage of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius is carefully preserved and traced, determined by the self-knowledge and development of the fraternal Slavic peoples for many centuries.

Happy holiday, dear friends!

Happy Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius!

The photo was provided by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Bulgaria.