On the 22nd of March, H. E. Mr. Grigorios Vassiloconstantakis, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Greece to the Republic of Bulgaria, and his wife, gave a reception on the occasion of the national holiday of the country in the Sofia Hotel Balkan.

The Independence Day - March 25th, is the date on which the Greeks celebrate the anniversary of the 1821 uprising, which led to their liberation from Turkish domination and the establishment of an independent Greek state in 1830.

The reception on the occasion of the 197th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Greece was honoured by the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria - Mrs. Iliyana Yotova, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mrs. Emilia Kraleva, ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of the clergy, officials, businessmen, journalists and representatives of the many Greek communities in our country.

In his address to the guests H. E. Mr. Grigorios Vassiloconstantakis noted that Greece's foreign policy is active and multidimensional, focusing on the opening of new channels of communication and cooperation at a multilateral level. Today, both the historical and cultural ties between Greece and Bulgaria are intensifying as the two sides develop strategic and political cooperation at a high level, friendship and mutual understanding. The ambassador stressed: "Our countries are also working together at both European and Euro-Atlantic levels within many regional organizations and initiatives. Our country does not save efforts in supporting Bulgaria to implement its integration into global organizations and today the two states share common positions on the European agenda and support each other.

Allow me to congratulate the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU, who are making very serious efforts and cope with the challenge by working in a productive way for both Europe and Bulgaria".

At the reception, the guests had the opportunity to taste the Greek cuisine and enjoy the wines of a famous wine cellar from the region of Drama.

The photos are provided by the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in the Republic of Bulgaria.