On the 3rd of May 1791, the first modern written constitution was adopted in Europe and the second in the world - the Polish one.

On the occasion of the 227th anniversary of this important event for the Polish people, H. E. Mr. Krzysztof Kraevski, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Bulgaria, and his wife Mrs. Aldona Kraevska gave a reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Sofia on the 25th ofApril.

Authors of the Constitution of the 3rd of May are King Stanislaw II Augustus, the great Lithuanian Marshal Ignacy Potocki and Father Hugo Kołłątaj, a cleric and philosopher. The document is inspired by the political and social thought of the European Enlightenment and the American Constitution of 1787. The authors of the main Polish law believe that the government should not serve the interests of a small circle of people but work for the benefit of all. The document includes 11 chapters. The former defines the Roman Catholic religion as dominant and at the same time regulates freedom of religion and practices of other faiths. Article V of the Constitution divides the power into legislative, executive and judicial. The Sejm of the Two Chambers adopts the laws; the executive power must be in the hands of the King and the Guardians of law; the judiciary - in the hands of independent courts. The document has undergone changes over the years, but today, as the results of the opinion poll show, the Constitution of the 3rd of May is considered by the Poles as one of the main breakthrough historical events in the history of the country.

The National Day of the Republic of Poland in Sofia was honored by ambassadors and diplomats, representatives of Bulgarian institutions, artists, Poles living in Bulgaria... The event, organized in the embassy's garden and halls, was distinguished by its European elegance and Slavonic hospitality combined in utter perfection.

The guests enjoyed the traditional Polish specialties, beverages and music.

The photos were provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Bulgaria.