On 29 May in Sofia Hotel Balkan H. E. Mr. Alberto Alfredo Manuel Trueba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina in Bulgaria, and his wife, Mrs. Carina Tomassini, gave a reception on the occasion of the national holiday of the country.

There were politicians, ambassadors, journalists, cultural figures, people who have linked their destiny to the Latin American state.

In his welcoming speech to the guests, the Ambassador thanked for their presence at the celebration with which the Argentineans celebrate the 208th anniversary of the May Revolution. Thanks to it, on 25 May 1810, the country's independence was won. He said: "At this historical moment marked by profound changes, in which there is some tension and difficulties, but which is filled with clarity and determination, our country carries out an open foreign policy directed by the national interests, without a shadow of ideological conventionality, committed to the principles of democracy, respect for human rights and multilateralism, based on the idea we now call "intelligent integration."

Integration, which creates opportunities, affirms our international presence, multiplies and diversifies fruitful ties with no exceptions in a world of independence and unceasing evolution.

Today, within this framework, we are in a situation of deepening ties with the countries of Latin America following the new institutional push of Mercosur, the intensive dialogue with the Pacific Alliance countries, the dynamics in the relations with the European Union and the strengthening of the traditional and mutually beneficial contacts with all countries from North America to Asia and the Pacific.

An evidence of Argentina's willingness to take its place and to make its voice heard on the international arena is the G20 presidency in 2018.

Argentina is a country whose DNA cells and culture are based on the values of directness, hospitality and peaceful coexistence of different cultures and religions, as evidenced by the representatives of the vast community of Argentineans of Bulgarian descent who are proud of their roots and who are a kind of bridge and an indispensable stimulus for the development of the bilateral ties.

In the sense of the above, I would like to point out and thank for the presence tonight of all those who contribute to the strengthening of the great and full of potential links between our countries and for the countless greeting addresses we received these days.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the companies that import Argentinian products, to those who invest in our country and those who introduce Argentine technology in Bulgaria, to all teachers, researchers, translators and publishers who do not spare efforts to distribute our literature in Bulgaria, to the representatives of the music world and especially the great Bulgarian musicians who turned our music into cult, to the enthusiastic fans of tango who are real ambassadors of our culture... To all of them - thank you!"

Later, on this real Argentinean evening, the guests enjoyed the wonderful wines and dishes of the country.

The photos are provided by the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Above: H. E. Mr. Alberto Alfredo Manuel Trueba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina in Bulgaria, His wife Mrs. Carina Tomassini, Mr. Todor Stoyanov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Mariela Damoni, Secretary of the Embassy.

Below: Mr. Atanas Krastin, Secretary of Foreign Policy of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria; with Mr. Ivan Dimitrov, Director of the Protocol Directorate of the President; with the ambassadors of the Holy See, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Malta