On September 18, H. E. Mr. Ştefan Gorda, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Bulgaria, and his wife, Mrs. Lidia Gorda, gave a reception on the occasion of the national holiday of the country.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Yuri Sterk, ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of the state administration, of the Moldovan diaspora, friends, came to the Hotel Marinella Sofia to celebrate the Independance day.

H. E. Mr. Ştefan Gorda turned to those present with an emotional and full of messages speech:

In August 1991 the Republic of Moldova gained its independence from the Soviet Union, in disintegration at that time. 27 years later we understand better - it was only the first step in overcoming the challenges our country was facing. Frankly speaking, in the globalization era, states are more interdependent than fully independent, thus responsible cooperation is more than ever on the daily agenda.

Challenges of the last 27 years have been complex, and only lately we started to identify solutions. Finally, we have an effective border control, including Transdniestrian segment, via Moldo-Ukrainian border checkpoints. This year, 64 states backed our UN GA Resolution demanding complete foreign troops withdrawal. I express our sincere gratitude to all friends, for supporting the legitimate request.

On the economic side, 4 years of successful implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union proved to be the most efficient response to politically motivated embargoes. Almost 70% of Moldovan exports going to EU market is a solid proof of the success. Visa-free travel regime with EU, already in its 5th year, expanded economic opportunities for our citizens and companies. Together with Romania and other partners Moldova is implementing projects to interconnect gas distribution and electrical networks with EU. Thus the single gas supplier dependence will be overcome. Important legislative changes were voted to secure our information space.

Dear friends,

We are utmost interested in the advancement of the European integration of the Western Balkans countries and Moldova would like to be associated with the South East Europe region in the strategic planning process. Bulgaria has done a great job leading the EU Presidency and we welcome the extension of the EU – the only viable alternative for South-Eastern Europe. We are confident that the Austrian presidency and the following ones will take note on the real progresses of the Republic of Moldova, and our country will receive a clear EU accession perspective.

Dear colleagues and friends,

Bulgaria has always been close to the people of Moldova in the struggle for European modernization. Our tradition of friendship has lasted for centuries. This year we mark 140 years since the Moldovan soldiers, together with representatives of other nations, fought bravely for the Liberation of Bulgaria. About 65,000 ethnic Bulgarians live in Moldova, enjoying all civil and political rights and contributing to peace and prosperity.

The Moldovan-Bulgarian relations are dynamic and favorable for both sides. A number of bilateral high-level contacts took place in the last year:

  • a visit of the Vice President Iliana Yotova in Chisinau and the signing of the Memorandum on Cooperation between the University of Taraclia and three Bulgarian universities;
  • a visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva to our country and the opening of a Bulgarian consulate in Taraklia;
  • a meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Tudor Ulianovschi with the Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva in February in Brussels where the position of the Bulgarian diplomacy in the "Friends of Moldova" format was reaffirmed;
  • a work visit to Moldova of the Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov;
  • a work visit to Moldova of the Director of the Diplomatic Institute Tanya Mihaylova and the start of the cooperation for establishment of the Moldovan Diplomatic Institute;
  • a visit of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Yuri Leanka, his meetings in Sofia with the President Rumen Radev, the Government, the National Assembly and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • - a meeting of the Deputy Minister Yuri Shtrak with the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova Daniela Morari;

- the signing of the Moldovan-Bulgarian labor migration agreement and others.

The bilateral trade in 2017 had a historic record - over 163 million dollars, Bulgaria is the eighth world economic partner of Moldova.

On this occasion, I express my gratitude to Bulgaria for the friendship and constant support to Moldova. I particularly like to point out the contribution of the friends of our country in Plovdiv, where the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Moldova, headed by Mr. Vesselin Chipev, who actively and professionally encourages our country, successfully operates.

The warmest and sincere greetings to our diaspora in Bulgaria for its valuable contribution to the promotion of Moldova and its good reputation abroad ... "

After the ambassador's speech, the guests had time to communicate while the famous quartet, with conductor Kiril Lambov, took care of their good mood, performing works by Moldovan and European composers. Everyone enjoyed some of the best Moldovan wines.

The photos were provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of Bulgaria.