On this occasion H. E. Ms. Sri Astari Rasjid, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Bulgaria, gave a unique reception, combined with the "Wonders of Indonesia 2018" festival.

It was held on the 21st of September at the Central Military Club in Sofia, where she met numerous guests: ambassadors, business partners, cultural figures, and friends. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful evening which included an Indonesian fashion show, traditional dances, songs from Indonesia and Bulgaria, an exhibition and tempting culinary specialties.

In her greetings to the guests, Her Excellency said that on the 17th of August, the Indonesians celebrate the Proclamation of Independence - an event which took place 73 years ago, following the long struggle of the Indonesian people for liberation from colonial rule. She then called on the attendants to honor the memory of the 560 victims of the earthquake on Lombok Island in September, inviting them to help those in need by participating in the organized evening charity souvenirs auction for their benefit.

In her speech H. E. Ms. Sri Astari Rasjid also emphasized the role of Indonesia in the international community today and its contribution to addressing global challenges. She highlighted the country's economic growth - one of the highest in Asia. And in connection with the 61st anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between our two countries, she talked about our trade exchange which has grown significantly and Bulgaria has become Indonesia's most important partner in the Balkan region. She also emphasized the development of our relations in the field of culture and tourism.

Finally, she thanked her colleagues and partners in Bulgaria for their cooperation, as well as, the beautiful Indonesian women who has come to specially present the collection of the world-famous Indonesian designer Ghea Panggabean.

The fashion show that proceeded really enchanted everyone. The Regalia Nusantara collection, inspired by the Srivijaya era in Indonesia and made from golden-woven royal fabrics, was a real miracle. The beautiful clothes with a complex and beautiful design reminded of the golden age of the Srivijaya Empire. There was also a theme, based on the rich culture of the Jawa island. In fact, all the work by Ghea Panggabean relies on the rich Indonesian cultural and textile heritage, which she has woven in a unique way within modern fashion and its current trends. This wonderful collection was also presented the day before, on the 4th Autumn Fashion Week in Sofia, where Indonesia took part for the first time.

The photos are provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.