National Day Message by H. E. Mrs. Tekla Harangozó, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to the Republic of Bulgaria

This year, unfortunately, given the pandemic, the organization and conduct of events on the occasion of our national holiday were carried out in a strictly limited framework. Wreaths and flowers were presented in front of the memorial plaques of Sándor Petőfi and Lajos Kossuth in the Krasno Selo district of Sofia, in a narrow circle. Prior to that, every year, in addition to the capital, wreaths are laid in other cities related to the events of 1848-49. On his way to Turkey, where he emigrated in 1849, the famous Hungarian statesman of the 19th century, Lajos Kossuth, settled for a short time in Vidin, accompanied by his associates, and then, for a longer period, in Shumen. Among these memorable places, we managed to hold a short memorial celebration only in Shumen. The opportunity to pay tribute to the heroes of the Hungarian liberation struggles abroad is a truly touching feeling that fills us with gratitude.

173 years ago the revolution broke out and the liberation struggle against the settlements under the foreign rule of Hungary. On March 15, 1848, the people of Pesta took to the streets and enthusiastically congratulated the orators, who set out their demands for civil rights and greater political and economic independence within the Habsburg monarchy. This event set the stage for the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which escalated into a liberation struggle.

The day on which the revolution erupts is a national holiday of Hungary, which we proudly celebrate in the neighboring countries and all over the world, where Hungarian communities live. March 15 has turned into a symbol, which expresses the freedom and grief for the freedom of our people.

This is a memory that the whole nation keeps in its heart. He affects us, even though at the time of these events we did not yet exist in this world. Although we are not contemporaries of that time, there hardly exists a Hungarian on that land who does not know the name of Petőfi or the stanzas written by him in the poem "National Song", springing from the heart of a selfish people.

On this occasion every year we lay wreaths on the smart plates of the greatest poet of the revolution Sándor Petőfi and the leader of the liberation struggle Lajos Koshut. We would like to thank the leadership of the Krasno Selo district for their efforts to nurture the monuments of the Hungarian liberation movement. This noble zeal contributed to a considerable extent to the strengthening of ties between our people.

The material was provided by the Embassy of Hungary to the Republic of Bulgaria.