National Day Message by Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Shammer, Chargé d'Affaires en pied of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the Republic of Bulgaria

May 22, 1990 marks a historic turning point in the history of Yemen and represents an exceptional Yemeni achievement, to which the whole world expressed its admiration and respect and blessed it, as the two parts of Yemen were united and the imposed division over the colonially ruled southern part of the homeland and over its northern part with the reactionary imam regime was abolished. The ultimate goal of the two revolutions - the September Revolution of 1962 and the October Revolution of 1967 - was achieved. And so, the dream of the Yemeni people, their hopes and aspirations, the struggles of the Yemenis became a reality on that date.

This struggle and dream has been confirmed in the constitutions of the two parts of Yemen, as the preamble to the Constitution of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen begins with the words: "Our people fought bravely in both parts of the country, side by side, to defeat the greedy invaders in its land, as well as against the reactionary Imam regime in the north of the country, and against colonialism, feudalism and the sultanate rule in the south of the country. And this is the living expression of the unity of the Yemeni people and the Yemeni land. The Yemeni people lit the spark of the revolutions of September 26 and October 14, and achieved independence on November 30, 1967. All this comes to confirm that despite the unnatural conditions of the division of the land and the people of Yemen, the struggle in both parts is dialectically connected, in their cohesion and unity, not only against conspiracies against the homeland, but also for the final liberation from division and the restoration of the normal environment, expressed in the democratic unity of Yemen".

Unfortunately, this occasion comes while my country suffers from the war caused by the military coup of the Houthi militias and the control they imposed on the Yemeni political capital on September 21, 2014. This was a coup against the National Dialogue Conference, a coup against the foundations of the state, its legitimacy and its political, economic and social constants, and a coup against history, culture, values ​​and principles, which the Yemeni people believe in, a coup against the political pluralism, against the free economic system and the social order, based on the principles adopted by the UN: equality, justice, peaceful transfer of power, equitable distribution of resources, securing political, economic and social rights, and equal opportunities, for all the Yemeni people.

These externally backed militias see national unity as a real threat to its project and racist thought, declares its bloody plan, based on the thesis that God has delegated a certain dynasty to rule over the country. They use human and material resources in service of their project to militarize the state and the society, to impose it by arm force and oppression, denying the other, chasing him and confiscating the right to choice, freedom and democracy.

Since September 2014, the Yemeni government has responded positively to all calls for peace, and to all humanitarian initiatives, based on its responsibility towards its people, preserving the homeland, its security and stability, and preventing further destruction. Reducing the humanitarian, economic and social consequences of the war.

The terrorist Houthi militias insist on wasting every real opportunity for peace, and rejects all international efforts, the United Nations and regional initiatives, the latest of which is the initiative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and before it - the US President and the new US administration call for an end to the war in Yemen, and it continues to escalate by firing ballistic missiles and drones against civilian targets in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

The recent military escalation in Marib province, which has sheltered 2 million displaced people, despite all international and UN calls for a ceasefire, proves that these militias do not accepta peaceful political solution based on UN Security Council resolutions, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and that they do not care about the suffering of the Yemeni people and follows an external agenda.

I extend gratitude to the Bulgarian Government for its firm position in support of the legitimate government in political and humanitarian aspects, for supporting the unity and independence of the Republic of Yemen and rejecting the coup, for its strong support for the UN and European Union efforts to find a peaceful political solution in accordance with the international resolutions and in particular UN Security Council Resolution № 2216.The Government and people of the Republic of Yemen appreciate this firm position, embodying a history of stable and distinctive relations between the two friendly countries, as our country is the first friendly country to Bulgaria in the Arabian Peninsula and the first Arab President to visit Bulgaria in 1964 is the Yemeni President Abdullah Al-Salal. These relations are characterized by cooperation and cover various areas - political, economic, military, security. They also include the fields of medicine, agriculture, science, trade. The governments of the two countries wish to maintain the ties of friendship and cooperation towards well-being, prosperity and progress in the benefit of the two friendly peoples.

On this great occasion, I would like to convey most heartfelt congratulations to all Yemeni people in the country and abroad and to extend gratitude to the Bulgarian President H. E. Mr. Rumen Radev, to the Bulgarian Government, to their Excellenceis, Prime Minister Gen. Stefan Yanev and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Svetlan Stoev, for their warm wishes to the Yemeni people and to the President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, the Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed and Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as to all those who sent congratulations to our diplomatic mission on thisnational occasion.

The material was provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the Republic of Bulgaria. On the photo: Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Shammer, Chargé d'Affaires en pied of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the Republic of Bulgaria