National Day Message by H. E. Ms. Snežana Radović, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro to the Republic of Bulgaria

Dear compatriots and dear Bulgarian friends,

Montenegro celebrates Statehood Day on 13 July. It is a magnificent date that has imperceptibly but with perseverance paved the way for today's modern state and combined the brilliant achievements of the past with the undoubted successes of the present.

On this date, in 1878, during the Berlin Congress, Montenegro was recognized as an independent and sovereign state, thus ending a historical era; and the country took its place among the European nations and states of that period.

On July 13, 1941, the anti-fascist uprising of the libertarian Montenegrin people began, which, driven by the ideals of freedom, ignited a light that has never been and cannot be extinguished.

Since 2006, when the country's independence was restored, 13 July has been recognised as the date on which the historical paths that led Montenegro to new international recognition were opened and now it is a full member of NATO and is the country closest to membership of the European Union at this moment.

Regardless of whether and to what extent the enlargement policy will be one of the priorities of the European institutions and countries, Montenegro will continue to strengthen its partnership with the EU, as there is no alternative for our country than to belong to the modern European civilisation.

We want to celebrate this holiday of the Montenegrin people together, but unfortunately the epidemiological situation does not recommend large gatherings for now. Believing that Europe and the whole world will soon overcome this great challenge we are facing, we hope that we will soon return to the diplomatic traditions and that we will celebrate together every next Statehood Day of Montenegro.

Happy holiday!

The photo was provided by the Embassy of Montenegro in Bulgaria. On it: H. E. Ms. Snežana Radović, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro to our country, and Ms. Jelena Filipović, second secretary