National Day Message by H. E. Ms. Brânduşa Ioana Predescu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to the Republic of Bulgaria

Dear friends of the Embassy of Romania,

On December 1, Romanians around the world celebrate the Great Union of 1918, the achievement of the nation’s collective will to make the dream of unification of all Romanian provinces under the same flag come true. On this occasion, we pay tribute to the bravery of our predecessors, their determination, sacrifices and wisdom with which they fought to fulfil the national objectives.

Over a century has passed since the Great Union, and here we stand today in a united, free, prosperous and secure European Union, bound together by our common hope for a better future. Strong political, economic and cultural ties with our neighbours, active involvement in the consolidation of the European Union and Euro-Atlantic security, one of the most dynamic and stable economies in Europe, respect for rule of law and human rights, high standards of protection of national minorities, all these entitle Romania to look back with satisfaction and ahead with confidence.

The shared journey of joining the European Union and NATO brought Romania and Bulgaria even closer while numerous instances of profound friendship and solidarity between our peoples throughout the centuries also testify to these longstanding ties.

An outstanding illustration of the close relations between our nations is represented by the contribution of Romanians to the Liberation of Bulgaria. The heroism of the Romanian soldiers on the battlefields of Pleven, Grivitsa, Rahova, Smardan and Vidin and the hospitality shown to Bulgarian revolutionaries who were in exile in Romania have been of moment ous importance for the fulfilment of Bulgaria’s national aspirations. "In Romania, in Romania, the hospitable land of freedom! There, once his wounds heal, he will be able to work for Bulgaria again. There you can breathe freely. To the North, to the North!", wrote Ivan Vazov, the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature, himself one of the main figures of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement having lived North of the Danube.

Throughout history the grand river Danube has been and remains not only a life artery, but also a crucial connection binding our countries. Beyond trade, investments and tourism - where Romania stands out as one of Bulgaria’s main EU partners - the cooperation covers now energy connectivity, infrastructure projects, partnerships among Danube River municipalities, the Bulgaria-Romania Cross-border Cooperation Programme and many others. At the same time, the Danube is a waterway to create people-to-people connections, to promote culture, and, perhaps most importantly, to uphold values. Transparency, effective public policies, strengthening the judiciary, all these are part of an institutional framework essential not only to guarantee European values, but also to ensure economic development, investors’ confidence, and, of course, the welfare of citizens. The two related communities, the Romanians from Bulgaria and the Bulgarians from Romania, represent important bridges between our states and, therefore, preserving and promoting their cultural and linguistic identity is essential.

Regional cooperation is critical in bringing about stability, growth and interconnectivity, both at home and in our vicinity, especially in the Western Balkans and the Black Sea area. We are happy and grateful that Bulgaria is a key-partner in these efforts.

For next year, we are looking forward to intense contacts and renewed dialogue between Romanian and Bulgarian authorities, including in framework of the upcoming meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council, in a special context marked by anniversary of 30 years since the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good-neighbourliness, as well as 145 years since the war that led to the Independence of Romania and Liberation of Bulgaria.

As Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Bulgaria, I am honoured to contribute, ​together with my team, to further developing our excellent bilateral relations, to fostering mutual knowledge and understanding, to identifying new opportunities for cooperation, including in the economic field.

In this context, I would like to convey my gratitude to Bulgaria-Romania Bilateral Chamber of Commerce (BCCBR), Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIBR), as well as to all representatives of Romanian companies active on the Bulgarian market for their relentless support. Moreover, I would like to express my appreciation to all Romanians living in Bulgaria who promote the country’s image and values and contribute, in one way or another, to the development of relations between Romania and Bulgaria.

I wish them success, health and prosperity and assure them that their contribution is highly valued!

Happy anniversary, Romania! Happy anniversary, Romanians!


The material was provided by the Embassy of Romania in the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Photo: BTA. Photographer: Vladimir Shokov