National Day Message by Mr. Delfin Pllana, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Republic of Kosovo to the Republic of Bulgaria

Dear friends of the Republic of Kosovo in Bulgaria,

17th of February marks the independence day of the Republic of Kosovo, the day in which a new chapter of history opened for the people of Kosovo, a day in which they embraced on new hope and dreams of a sovereign, democratic and multi-ethnic state.

Fourteen years ago legitimate and legal foundations of a democratic state were set, with the Republic of Kosovo becoming an important factor for peace and stability in the region and beyond. It is a day in which we always remember and honor all those that gave colossal contribution to enact and build a democratic state and a responsible member of the free world community.

It is without any doubt, that today we can all be proud with the milestones reached with hard determination, constant struggle for progress and remarkable achievements in many fields making the Republic of Kosovo a functioning state that has put an everlasting footprint as an equal and responsible member of the international community.

With the help of friends and allies, including the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Kosovo has managed to consolidate internally and elevate its international subjectivity as a partner bound to share liberal democratic values. Today, business environment in Kosovo is one of the most competitive in the region that offers attractive tax system and laws on foreign investment, being a low cost location with an easy access to EU, CEE and Balkan markets.

The Republic of Kosovo is rich with historical and natural resources, with unique features present since the Illyrian, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman times that have left their traces in its rich ethno-cultural, material, spiritual and architectural heritage. Lately, the Republic of Kosovo has become an attractive touristic destination providing for safe environment, low cost tourism that together with tasty food, natural resources, cultural and religious diversity, and urban subculture referenced around movie, music and art festivals, captivating archeological sites etc., confers for provision of amazing and fascinating preconditions for tourism attractiveness. 

Bulgaria is a close friend and ally to Kosovo and it has stood in its support throughout the time. Therefore, there are excellent premises to further cherish and promote this friendship that exists. We are constantly seeking opportunities to present and promote the touristic, cultural and historical attractiveness of the Republic of Kosovo to Bulgaria and Bulgarians. We have rich culture, history, tradition and touristic potential which I am sure Bulgarians like and would want to enjoy.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic local circumstances and restrictions on international mobility we weren’t able to excel and reinforce as planned on already excellent traditional relations that exist between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Bulgaria at all levels. Howsoever, as much as COVID-19 pandemic circumstances allowed we have tried to enhance and elevate collaboration between Bulgaria and the Republic of Kosovo in all segments.

The Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Kosovo enjoy excellent relations at all institutional levels – throughout the years there were exchanges of state dignitaries at all levels, there are a dozen of bilateral agreements signed and a number that is awaiting signature. The Republic of Bulgaria is a strong supporter of the EU integration process for all the Western Balkans countries, including the Republic of Kosovo.

Economic exchange between both countries is solid with great potential for further deepening especially in the field of joint investments, production and commerce. The Republic of Kosovo possesses talented and highly educated workforce, excellent investment climate, an established legal and physical infrastructure therefore Bulgarian investors are more than welcome to explore and conduct investments there.

We will continue with enhancing bilateral cooperation by increasing the number of bilateral agreements between both countries aspiring to build everlasting horizontal and vertical structural relations with the objective of creating systemic bounds between our countries.

Further, we are in the process of the establishment of the bilateral Kosovo-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce based in Sofia whose main task will be to develop long-lasting systemic economic collaboration patterns at the institutional and private business level. Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Sofia shall provide all necessary support to elevate such an institutional structure.

Cultural, educational and sport exchange will remain among the key strategic objectives that we believe shall have its vast impact in invigorating bilateral ties as we believe they are cornerstone foundations for building much stronger relations between institutions and peoples from both countries.

On a final note, it is with great regret that due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions we were restrained from celebrating together the Independence Day of the Republic of Kosovo. Howsoever, we wish all Bulgarian friends, readers of Diplomatic Spectrum much health, happiness and great success in 2022 with the hope to get together and celebrate our joint achievements next year on 17th of February!

Happy Independent Day of the Republic of Kosovo!

The photo was provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in the Republic of Bulgaria. On it: Mr. Delfin Pllana, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Republic of Kosovo to the Republic of Bulgaria