On the occasion of the 212th anniversary of the May Revolution, on May 31, H. E. Mr. Alfredo Nestor Atanasoff, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina to the Republic of Bulgaria, and his wife - Mrs. Lucrecia Maria Vanni, gave a reception at their residence. It was attended by ministers, ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of Bulgarian institutions, cultural figures, journalists, Argentines living in our country.

His Excellency Mr. Alfredo Nestor Atanasoff gave a welcome speech to the attendees:

Today we celebrate the National Day of the Republic of Argentina, the day that reminds us how in that May of 1810 the inhabitants of my Motherland declared their determination to fight for equality. The May Revolution, as it is known in Argentina, was a popular and deeply democratic act that did not bring Independence, but laid the foundations for its conquest.

As is often the case, there are no isolated events in history. The May Revolution was another manifestation of the desire of the peoples in Spain and in its then colonies in America to walk the path of building their own history. The May Revolution of 1810 marked the beginning of a democratic process that opened opportunities for political participation to those who had been deprived of these rights until then.

We Argentinians celebrate and will celebrate this day as our national holiday, because it is then that our identity begins to be built.

As the ambassador of the Republic of Argentina to the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, it is an honor for me to celebrate the national holiday for another year and to represent the Motherland in front of two friendly countries with which we cooperate on a daily basis, sharing common interests and values such as democracy and peace.

We are connected with Bulgaria by a long history of friendship dating back to the beginning of the 1930s, and with North Macedonia it continues for more than two decades. The doors for dialogue and cooperation in both countries are always wide open for us, both at the official level and in the whole society.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the official authorities of both countries for their responsiveness and benevolence, for working together over the years and for the spirit of cooperation they have maintained. I express deep recognition to the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, who honored us today with his personal presence, who received me together with high-ranking persons from my country during their working visits to Bulgaria. I warmly thank the Bulgarian and Macedonian people for the opportunities they provide us to feel at home.

With the celebration of the 25th of May, the symbol of equality for every Argentine, I want to dive back into the memory of the emigrants who arrived from these dear to us Balkan lands and settled in Argentina, which accepted them as part of its people, without differences, founding on a religious, cultural and linguistic basis, driven solely by the cause of working hard and succeeding. I also want to address the Argentinians in Bulgaria and North Macedonia and call on them to always keep alive the memory of the Motherland and the ideal of equality bequeathed to us by our heroic ancestors.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, on this day, let's raise a glass and drink to the prosperity of Argentina!

Cheers to my dear compatriots! Long live the Motherland!

After the official part, the attendees of the reception had the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of the Argentine cuisine, as well as to taste the excellent Argentine wines.

The photos are provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in the Republic of Bulgaria.