On 16 May, H. E. Mr. Maciej Szymański Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Bulgaria,

gave a reception on the occasion of the country's national holiday - Constitution Day on 3 May. Ministers, ambassadors, diplomats, politicians, representatives of the senior Bulgarian administration, business, culture, media and the Polish community in Bulgaria gathered in the beautiful garden and halls of the embassy.

H. E. Mr. Maciej Szymański addressed his guests with the words:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Guests, Dear Friends, Drodzy Rodacy!

May is an important month for us, Poles!

More than 232 years ago – on May 3rd, 1791 – Poland became the cradle of constitutionalism in continental Europe. On this date, the Polish Parliament – Sejm – adopted a constitution. Europe's first, and the world’s second – after the US Constitution – written fundamental act of law.

In May, we also commemorate anniversaries of the accession to Western structures that irreversibly consolidated Polish place on political maps: 19 years ago Poland joined the European Union, and earlier – 24 years ago – NATO. These two May events – the adoption of the May Constitution and return to the Western structures – tie up the framework of Poland's heritage: a history of glory, then collapse and disappearance from the world’s maps, and subsequent rebirth.

The 24 February 2022 reminded us that freedom is not given once and for all. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" as Thomas Jefferson – one of the founding fathers of the United States – said. Today, when the war in Ukraine undermines Europe's peaceful efforts and the architecture of global security, the celebration of solidarity and freedom is of special importance. The dictum of freedom and solidarity should be the motto of all those who support our friends across Ukraine. The balance of global powers is shifting before our very eyes. In such turbulent times, we must consciously and responsibly shape our – Polish and European – future. This is the legacy of the Constitution of 3rd May that we must never forget.

Thank you for your attention!


After His Excellency's speech, the guests indulged in lively conversations amidst the pleasant atmosphere created by the hosts. The perfect catering, including traditional Polish specialties and drinks, also contributed to their good mood.
On departure, each guest had the opportunity to choose promotional materials for Poland.

Photos: © the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Bulgaria

Above: H. E. Mr. Maciej Szymański, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Bulgaria, Colonel Piotr Grela, Defense Attache, and Mme Iwona Jakuszko-Dudka, Advisor, Deputy Head of Mission