On the occasion of the National Day of Hungary – 23rd of October, H. E. Ms. Tekla Harangozó, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary in Bulgaria, and her husband, Mr. Csaba Balázs gave a reception at the Embassy.

The date was related to the 1956 Revolution. This year the celebration was on the 19th of October and coincided with the Bulgarian-Hungarian Friendship Day and the presence of a Hungarian delegation in Bulgaria. The holiday became a symbol of the strong connection between the two nations.

Many friends of Hungary and representatives of the Hungarian diaspora in Bulgaria attended the reception. They were addressed, on behalf of the President of the Hungarian State Assembly by Mr. László Kövér and by the Vice-President, Mrs. Márta Mátrai. She said: "The fact that the Hungarians raised the 1956 revolution into a national holiday speaks of the great importance that the Hungarian people attach to the independence and free expression of the will of society. The bloodshed and the subsequent repression did not allow the regime of that time to forget that when the Hungarian people can decide freely, they choose an independent Hungary and a republican spirit...

In 1956, the Hungarians realized the reality, the great dependencies and the dark side of international politics.

This lesson is still valid today! For us, 1956 was an enlightenment.

On one hand it seems that freedom is not born without struggle and perseverance, and on the other, the world is a puzzle of special interests that can sometimes not be influenced either by the truth or by a nation’s thirst for freedom.

On today's festive day, take a look at the Hungarians as warriors who are experienced in winning their freedom; think of the year of 1956 as a popular movement of the brave and decisive, a year that still urges us to transform this experience into reality.

We are grateful to our martyrs for the fact that through them the Hungarian people proudly raised their heads and took their worthy place among the liberal people, they showed us the way to self-preservation.

Just as our King St. Stephen founded our country, the 1956 revolution showed us the way to survive in the future.

Whether courage is needed, we need to be resourceful, and in some cases self-defensive, we must protect the Christian faith, national dignity and the country for the sake of our descendants...

This is why we are festive and we continue to worship the victims and thank the people who supported us in this struggle.

The Bulgarian-Hungarian relations today help strengthen this common faith and build our cooperation- they are the support of that common unity that helps our two nations survive.

This is the message of 1956, which continues to be relevant today.

Let God and good reason give us strength and support for it!"

The guests at the reception were also greeted by Mr. Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture of Hungary, who was the patron of the Hungarian festival "Hungarikum Street" in Sofia.

And then all guests, Bulgarians and Hungarians, enjoyed the superb Hungarian cuisine and the even more excellent Tokaj wines.

The photos were provided by the Hungarian Embassy in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Above: H. E. Ms. Tekla Harangozó, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary in Bulgaria, Mrs. Márta Mátrai, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian State Assembly, and Mr. Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture of Hungary