How close are the Serbs and the Bulgarians? Do Sofia and Belgrade look alike? Answers to these questions were given by the Photographic exhibition with photos from the two capitals by a Serbian photographer and her Bulgarian colleague.

On the 19th of April, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela invited its fellow compatriots and friends of the country to offer wreaths and flowers to the bust-monument of the Liberator Simon Bolivar at the Vazrazhdane Square in Sofia.

A public lecture with a discussion on this topic was held on the 11th of April in the 310 audience "Prof. Petar Mutafchiev" at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia.

The teachers of the 8th SU "Vasil Levski" started working on the "Pathway through Religions" project.

A briefing presentation of the RUSSIA.STUDY program for free education of foreign citizens' at Russian universities was held at the Russian Cultural and Information Center in Sofia on the 25th of January.