This is what the exhibition that opened on February 26 at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, a subsidiary of the Sofia City Art Gallery, just two days before the beginning of the "female" month – March, was called.

It takes place under the VEG Program: Meeting Room - GOST, in partnership with the Embassy of the State of Israel in Sofia. Her curator is Shirley Meshulam, producer - Yosi Ben Bassat.

The exhibition "What about Women’s Rights?" seeks answers and asks questions mainly focused on what efforts women make today to be "heard" and the need for them to declare their conditions for participation in all spheres of life - in the arts, media, music, theatre, in law and politics.

The show features 19 works by 13 artists most of whom are active in the field of photography. The focus is on the "status of women" issue in the Middle East and draws attention to the women in Israel, the women in Palestinian communities and women that were raised in pluralist societies composed of secular, traditional or religious cultures. The artist’s approach is both critical and subversive. The curator’s idea is to reflect women’s attempts to confront, usingthe means of art, the "Definition of Women’s Rights" as a basis for the problems of existence associated with the place, society, culture, and the definition of the "Self".

The exhibition features the artists Reut Ferster, Hannan Abu Hussein, Iris Hassid, Inbal Mendes - Flohr, Igor Kruter, Dvora Morag,  Gil Nechushtan, Hannah Shviv, Abir Sultan,  Daniel Tchetchik, Ilia Yefimovich, Ameera Kasim Ziyan, Ayala Clara Mishayev.

The material was provided by the Sofia City Art Gallery.

Photos: Sofia City Art Gallery and "Diplomatic Spectrum"