Mediacongress of journalists and The State Hermitage Museum presented the IX International Media-Forum of young journalists of Europe and Asia «Dialogue of Cultures». It was conducted on 18-20 November 2014 in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

"Dialogue of Cultures" is a unique platform for communication and exchange of views between young journalists of Europe and Asia. The special atmosphere of the Forum promoted an open and confidential discussion of important and relevant topics in the international journalistic community.
«Dialogue of Cultures» consisted of the following parts:
Practical conferences, creative labs: "One Day in St.Petersburg", "My Hermitage"
Presentation of multimedia projects united by the common theme "The way I live"
Action "Hermitage here and now", professional selfies of the participants
The beginning of the Forum was held in the form of practical conference where young journalists, who represented different cultures and confessions, discussed the themes related with the challenge in modern mass media, the development of new technologies in media space, multiculturalism and national identity, etc.
The next part of the Forum included presentations of collaborative cross-border media projects, photo exhibition and documentary films, united by the common theme of “The way I live” where the participants of the Forum presented their creative works devoted to the identity of their country lifestyle.
According to tradition, under the Media Forum was held awarding honorary badge of mass media to those who have made the greatest contribution to the dialogue of cultures.
On the final day of the Forum participants were given a unique opportunity to shoot in the halls and exhibitions of the State Hermitage Museum, as well as they created a report about St. Petersburg.
All participants of the "Dialogue of Cultures"  to visited the creative workshops led by recognized masters of journalism. The Forum brought together 300 journalists, including the leading TV companies of more than 30 countries.
The Media-Forum of Journalists "Dialogue of Cultures" was conducted with the support of the Public Corporation "Russian Railways".
Address of the participants of the ninth Media-Forum of young journalists to OSCE, the International Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”, the International Federation of journalists to the media of Europe and Asia.
Today we would like to appeal to you on behalf of the young Russian journalists and our colleagues from more than 30 countries of Europe and Asia, participants of the 9th International Media Forum "Dialogue of Cultures", which is conducted here, in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. We would like to appeal to you to make every effort to restore and continue the dialogue among the political forces, whose disagreements can lead to the kindling of a new cold war.
The Hermitage gathers the greatest masterpieces of art of different ages and nations from all over the world, the silent witnesses of human genius, the eternal dialogue of national identities and personal values. Here current political trends, which prompt us and provoke to war and discord, seem particularly absurd and unacceptable. We do not understand the process of applying sanctions relating to journalists and media in general. We consider illegitimate any decisions that violate the basic rights of conscience and freedom of expression, speech and discussion. In this connection we condemn the possibility of restrictions on the expression of journalists’ opinion, censure of bias or slander beyond the trial.
In this context, as a result of our discussion here, at the Media-Forum, we encourage the public to create a new road map of our media space and the Eurasian International Court of Justice. Such a non-political organization formed from leading agencies which present journalists from Russia, Europe and Asia, could become strong support, which could help to protect the democratic principles of professional ethics. We will be glad if in the near future we could achieve the establishment of a new journalistic road map and similar international organization, and we suppose that it will be the only competent thing in the process of evaluation of both media and journalists.  Such actions can facilitate the creation of moral climate of the future – of where we are going to live and work.
We appeal to you, Mrs. Mijatovic as our senior colleague and Head of Media Commission of the European Union. We recognize the contribution of this organization in the protection of democratic norms in the sphere of media.
We appeal to you, dear Mr. Yakunin, as President of the World Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations", which brings together leaders of the scientific, business and political communities, who are providing the transition from the dialogue of civilizations through cooperation to intercivilizational integration.
We appeal to you, dear Mr. Bumella as President of the International Federation of Journalists, which nowadays unite 600 thousands of journalists and 134 largest media unions in the world.
We offer you our support, youth, energy and our enthusiasm in matters related to the development of new methods and implementation of modern projects of international and intercultural dialogue in the media of Europe and Asia.
The participants of the IX International Media Forum of Young Journalists in Europe and Asia "Dialogue of Cultures"

Elma Neikova
The State Hermitage Museum. St. Peterburg.19 November 2014