It was opened on 10th of August at the open-air gallery in the City Garden of Sofia where the citizens of the capital and their guests were able to enjoy it till 24th of August 2020.

The focus of Good Idea Slovakia is the beauty and the diversity of Slovakia – the heart of Europe; with beautiful nature, rich culture and unique folklore...

But today, Slovakia should not only paint its traditional picture, say the authors of the exhibition. It should create a different and modern history; a history of a progressive and alluring country that knows how to attract talent and investment.

Slovakia does not have an abundance of mineral resources, so it needs to sell ideas. If there is one thing Slovaks can really be proud of, it is the power of their ideas. That is why the posters from the exhibition present Slovakia as a country where ideas that become reality are born.

„We present you the country of the good ideas. As Slovakia is a good idea. GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA.“

The material was provided by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Above: H. E. Mr. Manuel Korček, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Bulgaria

Below: Posters from the exhibition, showing some of the good ideas and the way they have been implemented