On the 21st of February, the team of Sofia City Art Gallery officially presented its new branch - Art Gallery "Dechko Uzunov".

It is located on the 24 Dragan Tsankov Boulevard and it is actually the house of the world-famous artist and intellectual Dechko Uzunov (1899-1986). It had been turned into a museum more than a decade ago, and today it is again part of the museum's network of the Sofia City Art Gallery.

The Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery consists of an exhibition hall, as well as, the artist's atelier- where over 13,000 paintings and graphic works are stored. Most of the oil works are known to the audience; however among the thousands of watercolors, drawings, designs and sketches one can discover even more interesting and unpublished works.

The "Fragments from Europe" exhibition, with which the affiliate was opened, is dedicated to the European Year of Cultural Heritage and can be seen until May 2018. It presents landscapes and fragments from a dozen European countries where Dechko Uzunov had traveled through his life. They are accompanied by short explanatory texts, which demonstrate the time when the artist had been in the country and show the exhibition’s cultural and natural sights listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The material was provided by the Sofia City Art Gallery.

On the photo above: Dubrovnik (Croatia), 1966, pastel and pencil on paper, 19 х 29 cm

On the photos below:

1. Piraeus (Greece), 1934, ink on paper, 21 х 33,5 cm
2. Genoa (Italy), circa 1966, fineliner pen on paper, 19 х 29 cm
3. Moscow, 1965, mixed media art techniques on paper, 29,5 х 21 cm
4. Istanbul (Turkey), 1943, watercolour and pencil on paper, 41 х 55 cm