The photo-type exhibition "Significant Women in History - from Bratislava to Ruse" was opened on February 22 in the representative parts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will last until March 12.

The event is an initiative of the State Institute for Culture under the Minister of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia, the Regional History Museum - Ruse and the Association "European Spaces 21" as part of the public diplomacy program.

The event was attended by: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Milen Lyutskanov, H. E. Mr. Manuel Korček, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Bulgaria, Iva Marksfeldova, Consul at the Slovak Embassy,​ Daniel Ország, Deputy Ambassador at the Slovak Embassy, Ms. Tsveta Nenova, author of the exhibition and director of the Association "European Spaces 21", Ms. SnezanaYoveva-Dimitrova, Director of the State Institute for Culture, Ms. Tanya Mihailova - Director of the Diplomatic Institute, Ms. Boryana Simeonova, Director of the State Protocol, Ms. Margarita Ganeva, Director of the Foreign Economic Relations Directorate, Ms. Slava Ivanova, Director of NDF "13th century Bulgaria", Mr. Mihail Tachev, director of the Foundation "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", Dr. Ivelina Kyuchukova, Mrs. Albena Nenkova, Mr. Vasil Petkov, Director of the Inspectorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others. 

The exhibition was opened by Ms. Snezhana Yoveva, Director of the State Institute for Culture, special greetings were given by Deputy Minister Milen Lyutskanov, H. E. Mr. Manuel Korcek and Ms. Tsveta Nenova. In her introductory remarks, Ms. Yoveva said: "Today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are actually two well-told and illustrated concepts about women: as if on the Danube, from Bratislava - through the exhibition from the Slovak Embassy in Sofia, arrives in Bulgaria this European city, through the exhibition of the Ruse Historical Museum, namely She, the Woman. The woman who defends positions in society, who is a doctor, a teacher, a researcher, a diplomat, the woman who encourages and inspires. The two poster exhibitions create dialogue and a pleasant creative atmosphere, which inevitably contributes to the development and interaction in public diplomacy."

The exhibition aims to focus on the role of women in public discourse and to present emblematic images and achievements of women from the Bulgarian and Slovak communities, building a bridge between the cultures of the two countries while sending a common message of respect, equality, dialogue and historical memory.

 Due to the epidemiological situation, the opening of the event was limited. The visit to the exhibition until March 12 will take place after pre-registration on tel. 0886 96 64 16, due to the need to comply with epidemic measures.

The material is provided by the organizers.

Above: H. E. Mr. Manuel Korček, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Bulgaria