On the 3rd of November H. E. Mrs. Baya Bensmail, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to the Republic of Bulgaria,

gave a reception in Sofia Hotel Balkan on the occasion of the national holiday of the country. On the 1st of November this year, Algerians celebrate the 68th anniversary of the victory of the Revolution in 1954.

Numerous guests attended the event: ambassadors and diplomats, politicians and MPs, representatives of state institutions, business, media and culture, friends of Algeria and Algerians living in our country.

H. E. Mrs. Baya Bensmail addressed them in her congratulatory speech:

Your Excellency the Vice-Minister of Domestic Affairs,


Dear members of the Algerian community,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great joy and pleasure that I extend to you on this glorious day my sincere thanks for joining us in the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the outbreak of Algeria’s Glorious Revolution, on November 1st, 1954.

The November Revolution was not an ordinary event in the history of Algeria. Rather, it was a reunion between a people and its destiny, one that showed the whole world the courage of a people who had been under the yoke of colonialism for over a century and was able to rise up and break the shackles of humiliation and colonialism. Thanks to the Glorious November Revolution of 1954 and the sacrifices of our proud people, Algeria was able to restore its sovereignty on July 5th, 1962, after a long and bitter struggle against colonial rule and after the great sacrifices that the Algerian people made since the very beginning of the colonial tread on Algerian land in 1830 up until colonialism was defeated. May God have mercy on the martyrs and grant them Paradise.

The November Revolution was also a message of hope for the oppressed peoples across the world, in Asia and Africa, as it illuminated their path towards freedom and independence. Indeed, its spring is still flowing and inspiring other nations to this day that have not yet enjoyed their freedom. Following the restoration of its sovereignty, Algeria became a key partner on the international scene and the "Mecca of the Free and the Revolutionaries", as well as a defender of the principles of peace, freedom and the right of peoples to self-determination.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Celebrating this great occasion invites us to remember and appreciate the support of friendly nations that cherish the values of freedom and peace, including Bulgaria. Indeed, we would not forget the heroic act of Bulgarian Captain Vassil Valchanov, whose courage remains engraved in the collective consciousness of the Algerian people. His contribution was honored by the highest authorities in Algeria, who awarded him the "Order of the Friends of the Algerian Revolution" in 2004 and 2012. The friendly Bulgarian people stood firmly by Algeria in its post-independence construction.

The Algerian-Bulgarian diplomatic relations, which marked the sixtieth anniversary since their establishment a few days ago, have always been distinguished by mutual respect and solidarity, and a continuous keenness on the part of the leaderships of the two countries to strengthen the bridges of communication, mutual consultation and coordination. These relations are based on the sincere and common desire of both sides to continue searching for all available partnership opportunities that would support bilateral ties and give a new impetus to the cooperation between the two countries in the political, economic and cultural fields. It is also worth noting, in this regard, the important role played by the Bulgaria-Algeria Friendship Association and its distinguished work in building bridges and thus strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, Algeria continues walking on the path towards consolidating the foundations of its democratic establishment and promoting the rule of law and social justice. Thanks to the good governance of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Algeria has adopted a fundamental constitutional amendment that consecrates important democratic dispositions. The amendment also allowed for the continuation of legal and structural reforms that were carried out recently by the Algerian State and which aim at creating an appropriate environment for developing economic activity and encouraging foreign investment.

The opportunities offered by the new investment law are set to promote direct foreign investment while facilitating the establishment of foreign companies in Algeria and also simplifying related administrative procedures. The political stability of Algeria, its strategic position as the gateway to Africa, along with the structural achievements, make Algeria a reliable partner and an attractive destination for both investment and tourism.

At the primary level and in the context of the transformations that the world sees at present, Algerian diplomacy succeeded in consolidating its international and regional position through a series of achievements and accomplishments. A number of important decisions set at directing joint Arab action towards the Arab citizen, taking care of his concerns and responding to his legitimate aspirations, were thus made.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Finally, I would like to renew my congratulations to our people on this glorious day.

Praise to God, glory to the homeland, and eternal memory to our righteous martyrs.

Long live Algeria!

After that H. E. Mrs. Baya Bensmail invited the guests of the reception to taste some of the wonderful traditional Algerian dishes and desserts. And together with her fellow ambassadors, Her Excellency cut the celebration cake.

The photos are provided by the Embassy of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to the Republic of Bulgaria. Above: H. E. Mrs. Baya Bensmail, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to the Republic of Bulgaria